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2012 Blue Plate
Chenin Blanc

2012 d^ner
Chenin Blanc


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We already make great wines in Northern California. Coincidentally, we also happen to know a lot of people who make great wines. We're going to bring the best of them to you.

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We're also huge Bitcoin fans. We'd be fools not to be. Maybe we can't contribute to the code base, but we're happy to put a bottle of fine wine on your dinner table.
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Close the Loop

Let's stay in Bitcoin, shall we? The bigger the ecosystem grows, the fewer reasons to go back and forth between fiat (we don't accept it) and cash. Close the loop.

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Clarksburg has long been California’s answer to the Chenin bounty that is France’s Loire. Kudos to [Blue Plate]; they’ve devised a great value that shows off a fresh pear blossom Chenin presence, with a bit of grassy bite and ripe apricot fruit. Fresh, crisp and breezy, with a tad of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay blended in.

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Anderson, 30, started Blue Plate Wines in 2010 along with two friends. They are the first winemakers to accept BTC for their product… [Anderson] really thinks Bitcoin — or something like it — will succeed. “No one’s feeling that great about the dollar as we print more and more of them,” he says.


One would be hard pressed to find another California Grenache Noir of this caliber at this price. A well-made wine from high-elevation fruit, it opens with a slight nose of fennel and anise before showing off a meaty dark plum depth of flavor, firm tannins and a long finish of tobacco. It’s fairly priced, too.